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What’s new in Xamarin.Forms – XAML

What’s new in Xamarin.Forms – XAML

The new features of XAML help productivity and thus reduce development time in mobile applications.

The Xamarin.Forms team has put the batteries in giving the developer a pleasant experience, and XAML is no exception.

Maddy Leger(Program Manager at Microsoft working on Xamarin.Forms tooling) in his video tutorial tells us about many new features that we can use in XAML, these are the most relevant.

Xamarin.Forms 101: Getting to Know your XAML Workspace — Visual Studio 2019 for Windows

Quick encapsulation of controls

This improvement groups controls using the “Surround With…” option or with the “Ctrl + K, Ctrl + S” shortcut.

3-Surround-With-in-action “Surround With” in action

XAML Regions

Without a doubt this characteristic fascinates me, in C # it is good practice to separate important parts, contract them or expand them is something that a simple comment does not do, with “XAML Regions” we can reorganize our code and add good practices in the process.

3-XAML-Regions-in-action “XAML Regions” in action

Go To Definition

This option allows you to go directly to an object, it is great to locate styles, binding, etc, that we are using.

3-Go-To-Definition-in-action “Go To Definition” in action

GitHub Update: https://github.com/danielmonettelli/XF_FoodApp


As you can see, Microsoft continues to take great steps to meet the needs of the Developer of Xamarin.Forms, “productivity” is one of the goals that is taking it very seriously, I look forward to the next updates to come.

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